How to stay safe on the Internet?

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The internet has been already influenced our daily lifves.Almost everywhere.For example,we can use it to pay for the bill,send posts,chat with friends,buy something on the internet..........But,does anyone think about how to stay safe on the internet?Some people may think about it for a long time like me.And now I'll tell you the answer.

Chat with others friendly

When you stay in a forum or a group online,please keep friendly.Why?Beacuse they are strangers,not your friends or relatives and what you are familiar with.They are just have same interest with you.So keep polite when you talk with them.If you do,every one will polite with you.If you send some mean posts or comments,they may will attack you.May not just in the what they speak,it's unxpected.So,Remember, keep friendly.

Put your private information in a safety place

Identity theft is getting more and more seriously.So,protect your personal information.Don't post private on the internet.Like where you live or your personal economic status.If you post them on the internet,you may get reality hurt.Also,don't post your credit card number or your id card number.That is really dangerous.Your money may be lost.The id card number can also do many things you don't know.These things may influence something on you,even in law.So,if you recently post them online,remove them right now.

Keep your password differently

Password is a key to verify your identity online.When a website get attcak,their database will be downloaded.Since then,your password nolonger safety.If your password as same as your account on other websites,your account on other websites will also be cracked.Your account may be thereften,after that,the account thief will use your account to do illegal things.Your identity will get influence.If you keep your password differently,this problem will be avoid.

These is the experience when I surf on the internet.I hope these ways can help you to stay safe online.If you agree with me,do it!If you have other ideas,make a comment about this!






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